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Youth Work that lasts a Lifetime.

The Solutions Toolkit

Developed by the Action Factory Limited

The only working framework designed specifically for youth work teams.

From my unique vantage point, having experienced both sides of young people's residential care - as a client and a worker - I identified a pressing need for a universal framework that could galvanise effective youth care teams.

At the Action Factory we've harnessed the most effective change techniques in the world, empowering your care team to seamlessly integrate them into their daily work. The distinctiveness of the Solutions Toolkit lies not only in its foundational concept but also in its unique delivery approach.

The Toolkit

'Research your own experience; absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is essentially your own.'

Bruce Lee

Traditional training typically spans one to two days, after which participants are expected to apply this knowledge to their job role. But the Solutions Toolkit is markedly different. It continuously adapts and grows. This ensures the toolkit remains bespoke, fitting the distinct requirements of individual roles.

Its essence lies in what I call the three M's: Mobility, Membership, and Money. 

  • Mobility (in-house training delivery removes the need to go off site):

    • Flexibility of training.

    • Adaptability to different team schedules.

    • Reduces downtime by eliminating external training sessions.

  • Membership (Continuous access to updates):

    • Ensures always-updated content.

    • Fosters a sense of community and ongoing support.

    • Continuous learning, adapting to evolving care needs.

  • Money (Unparalleled value for teams):

    • Cost-effective training solution.

    • Maximized return on investment for team development.

    • Long-term value through consistent updates and refinements.

I envisioned: ​

  • A framework versatile enough for any youth work context.

  • An 'Always On' system, making sure it's accessible to all team members, irrespective of their experience level. ​

  • A design that harmoniously integrates with existing rules, rhythms, and individual temperaments, without disruption. 

  • A perpetually updated delivery model, ensuring we always provide the best for our youth. ​

It was never about crafting just another transient course, but a long-term, immersive learning journey. After three years of unwavering commitment, this vision materialised into the Solutions Toolkit.

Explore it and experience a groundbreaking shift in residential youth care.



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