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Walking on Fire with Neurolinguistic programming

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

a man in a suit walking on fire
Walking on fire

It was a chilly night, there had been a light rain earlier but we were all praying for more. we held out the hope that even a light sprinkling might dampen the thirty foot path of hot coals that spread out before us. In a few minutes we would be expected to confidently march from one end to the other in our bare feet.
Like most things in life our success or failure was in our own minds, all it would take to get us across was a short NLP session. After the session I was still afraid, but it wasn't the flames that scared me now. It was that I might lose this feeling of immortality and exhilaration before I reached the other end of that burning hot path.

Walking on fire isn't a mere physical feat; it's a leap into uncharted mental territories. The moment my feet touched the embers, I was not just defying the heat; I was defying my own mind and my own limitations. After confirming my name I marched confidently from one end of the flames to the other. Only an hour earlier I was not a firewalker, like the rest of the group I was no athlete or daredevil. We were office workers, mothers and uncles, young and old.

a mixed and varied group of people
We were from all walks of life

So how did this transformation happen?

The answer lies in the power of NLP, a tool often misunderstood but incredibly potent in reshaping lives. It doesn't require burning hot coals or leaps of faith to be effective, it can be used much more subtly than that.

Can NLP be effective in youth work?

I know from my own experience that it can. Its principles apply universally, making it a crucial tool for those in residential youth work. Imagine harnessing the power of NLP to navigate challenging situations, influence behavior, and foster deeper connections with young people. NLP can equip residential youth workers with skills to break down barriers and instill a belief in extraordinary potential, both in themselves and the youths they work with.

Join the NLP Journey in Youth Work

My free course "NLP in Residential Youth Work" is a comprehensive, ten-week program designed to enrich your skills in youth care. Covering everything from building rapport in challenging scenarios to addressing substance abuse with NLP techniques, this course is tailored to empower you in your role as a youth worker.

Tune into the Podcast?

The Action Factory Podcast offers invaluable insights into NLP’s application in youth work. Every episode is designed to be delivered in commutable sized chunks that can be listened to on the bus and practiced at work. It includes practical tips and real-life examples. By subscribing, you'll gain a wealth of knowledge that's both relevant and transformative.

Expand Your Learning Beyond this Blog

This blog is just the beginning and so is NLP, the is only one of the tools I specialise in. My passion is residential youth work. I built a training course called the Solutions Toolkit which equips residential youth workers with some of the greatest change therapy techniques ever created.

It encompasses all and is loyal to none.

Visit where you can subscribe to our podcast for regular updates and download the essential document - The BIG Four and why they matter.

Taking the Next Step

Embarking on this NLP journey is about progressive learning and applying these skills in real-world youth work scenarios. Each step you take is a stride towards enhancing your impact in the lives of young people.

I'm Michael Dawson, excited to lead you through this transformative experience in residential youth work. Let's unlock the extraordinary potential within ourselves and the youths we mentor.

Visit for more resources and subscribe to our podcast for weekly inspiration. Don’t forget to download the 'BIG Four' document for an in-depth exploration of why I believe you hold all the cards as a residential youth worker!

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