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The Solutions Toolkit Team Training

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Under £300.00 per person including a physical workbook and lifetime membership to updated content. The Solutions Toolkit is developed exclusively for residential youth work teams. Inspired by the finest change methodologies ever created the Solutions Toolkit is meticulously designed to empower residential care teams with the skills to weave these time-tested techniques into their daily work. My ambition for designing the framework was clear: - To create a framework that was universal, consistent and effective in any residential youth work environment. - It had to be ‘Always On’ and always accessible to the whole team, old and new. - I demanded it keep its hands off the current regime, rules or personality of the individuals. - I must be deliverable everywhere, with constant upgrades and improvements. - I wanted a long term, on the job experiential approach. The result is the Solutions Toolkit. -------------------------------------------------- This course is designed for straightforward team-delivery, promoting team-based experiential learning. It encompasses comprehensive video lessons, full colour electronic PDF notes, and a dedicated full-colour printed workbook for every team member. Early adopters are further rewarded with unrestricted free access to all sections of our resource library and engaging online community.

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