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key work compass

The Key Worker Compass

Keeping vital key worker information at your fingertips.

No more fumbling around in files or dealing with misplaced information. Everything you need is right there. When the young person moves on, you can also save your colleagues the hassle with this electronic data handover.

Why not share it with colleagues or post a link on your site?

The template includes:


  • Basic information and description.

  • Significant others' contact information.

  • Visitation arrangements.

  • Education contacts.

  • Arrangements for activities.

  • Notes and updates.

  • Missing person information for other services.

  • Medical information.


Make life simpler by doing the job once:


  • It can be secured behind your device's security wall.

  • Accessed instantly.

  • Edited and saved on the go.

  • Securely shared with other professionals.


As portable as your device, and you'll never leave it behind in the car!

Your Free Download is here

Remember to save to your device before editing

I'm really pleased so many people love my Key Worker Compass—a tool that's transforming key working using technology. Feel free to share it with colleagues or post the link on your website. Remember my promise: you won't hear from me again unless you decide you want to.

Before You Leave...

If you're like many of my clients, then you'll already know that youth work isn't just a job; it's a profession. If you're passionate about making a real difference, you're exactly where you need to be.


Download the Key Worker Compass :

Choose one of the following

It's free, and it's my gift to you. I hope you find it really useful, I know I did. I promise not to purposely contact you again.


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The "The BIG Four" research reveals a powerful truth: often, youth workers are better equipped to assist their clients than many established problem solvers.

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