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The Brief Therapy Toolkit

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An invitation to the world of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) tailored especially for youth work with this comprehensive online course. Developed with a keen emphasis on real-world application, this training program offers a transformative approach to therapy, fostering rapid change and encouraging positive outcomes for young individuals. Course Description: Discover the dynamic approach of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, a therapeutic model that concentrates on solutions rather than dwelling on problems. This method stands out in its ability to facilitate change in a brief time frame, making it especially effective for youth who often respond best to focused, goal-oriented strategies. In this course, you'll learn: - The fundamental principles and techniques of SFBT and how to apply them in a youth work setting. - The art of asking solution-focused questions that guide young individuals toward their desired future. - Strategies to identify strengths and resources that the youth already possess, and how to leverage them for positive change. -Ways to shift the focus from problems to solutions, enabling quicker therapeutic breakthroughs. Features: Engaging video lessons that break down complex concepts into digestible and relatable content. Downloadable PDFs to support and enhance your learning experience.

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